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Instagram re-postings, January 2014 - ....

This series is an experiment in devouring. Being satiated, or the feeling of satiation, is defined as the drop in enjoyment with repeated consumption. Or, in other words, the fifth bite of cake or the fourth hour of playing a video game are both less enjoyable than the first. A 2013 satiation study completed by Brigham Young University, published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. found that “people get more satiated on a food after repeatedly rating or choosing among similar foods shown in pictures.” For example, seeing many pictures of peanuts will likely ease a craving for salty or nutty tasting foods. Similarily, those who posted photographs of their meals to instagram felt fuller, or that their foods tasted less enjoyable. In these instances, visually consuming an image of food issued a physical response in the human anatomy; satiating hunger visually before psychical devouring.


Do these images satiate me? But maybe what it more important, is if I could get back that lost first bite, first taste by devouring that image again.

© Ebony Jansen